Why did I go into Drive after Personal Conveyance?

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  • How did my driver get a D (Drive) log when using PC (personal conveyance)? 

Applies To

  • Geotab Drive
  • HOS
  • Personal Conveyance (PC)


When a driver changes their status to OFF duty and then the driver begins to drive the system will place them in to Drive Status. If Personal Conveyance is used, it must be selected prior to a drive event

This can also happen if there is a maximum personal conveyance distance setup in Administration > System > System Settings. Once a driver reaches the maximum PC allowance, the status will change to D.

Additional Notes

The driver will need to initiate the Personal Conveyance exemption prior to each time the vehicle is going to be driven for personal use.

If a Drive log occurs after using Personal Conveyance and causes a workday violation, that log will need to be annotated. Reach out to your dispatcher or admin if you have any concerns.