What data can be sent from the IOX-SATIRDV2?


Applies To

  • Iridium


The current data we send is:

  • Ignition: Sends a log when ignition changes state (On & Off)
  • Poll: Gives end users the option to request the current location of the device. In MyGeotab, select the vehicle on the live map, then using the small arrow on the right click “Request current location”
  • Emergency Trigger: Allows the driver to send an emergency/distress log to head office. The Geotab device will notify the driver when the message has been received by MyGeotab
  • Accident Upload Event via IRIDIUM: Allows the device to send an “Accident Upload Event” fault
  • Switch to IRIDIUM Satellite Coverage: Allows the device to send a log indicating when it has switched to sending data over the IRIDIUM network

Additional Notes

This can be found in our documentation here: https://www.geotab.com/documentation/iox-satirdv2/