Automatic ON Log is not being created on some 1804 databases


  • After a D log, and vehicle fully stopped for five consecutive minutes, an Automatic ON Log is not created.
  • After Ignition OFF, an Automatic ON Log is not created.
  • There are no problems with ignition detection. 
  • 0s Automatic ON Logs created under Unidentified Driver

Applies To

  • HOS 
  • Duty Status Logs
  • Automatic ON Log
  • MyGeotab version: 5.7.1804


ON Logs not being marked as Inactive correctly and therefore being deleted.


Reprocess Data creates the automatic ON log. 


ON Logs are no longer deleted in 5.7.1804.1630+ and the issue is now resolved.

Additional Notes

You may still see Automatic ON logs occur that were made Inactive prior to the patch. For these, annotate them or assign them to the driver associated with the vehicle that the log was created for.

For reference the internal problem ticket# is 504442