Driver has a violation on the Dashboard/Email HOS Violation Report but not on their Logs


  • HOS violations are displaying on dashboard/emailed HOS Violations report but not on the drivers logs

Applies To

  • HOS
  • Violations
  • Emailed Report
  • Dashboard Report


  • If the log that placed the driver in violation was edited to remove the violation, after the Dashboard refreshed or emailed report was sent out, the violation will display in the report and not the logs.
  • This occurs because the report does not recognize changes until it is refreshed, at which point the violation will disappear because the data will be 'reprocessed'.
  • The report will not update until the following 'Next Run'.


To see the updated data on the report, 1 of 3 things must happen:

  1. The dashboard report will automatically refresh on the 'Next Run'
  2. Change the 'Next Run' preferences on the reports edit page so the report can refresh sooner
  3. Manually run the 'HOS Violations Report' for that driver