How to Run a Risk Management report?

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Applies To

  • MyGeotab
  • Risk Management
  • Report


  1. Navigate to Activity
  2. Click Risk Management
  3. Click Options
  4. Select a desire Date Period
  5. In the Exception rules box, click and select a desire rules you want to run a report on
  6. On Run by, select Vehicle or Driver depending on your desire
  7. Select No under the Historical data option
  8. Select No under the Hide zero distance rows
  9. Under the Run report by, click and select a desire option you want to run a report by
  10. Click Apply Changes

Additional Notes

You Can Also Pull this way as well. 

  • Click Administration>report>report views
  • Click at the top show all reports.
  • Search risk management report
  • Click on Preview under report. 
  • Click on options at the top. 
  • Select date period and driver
  • Click Apply changes

Reference Video: How to run a Risk Management report?