How is speed calculated for a vehicle within MyGeotab?

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  • Which speed value is used when determining a rule trigger?

Applies To

  • MyGeotab
  • Rules
  • Speeding


The speed value that is used when determining an exception to a rule, along with the speed shown for a trip, is calculated by the GPS data that we receive from the GO device.

Additional Notes

Per the Geotab Firmware Product Guide:

  • Curve based logging is performed on both GPS position and GPS road speed to ensure the best fit on the map and an accurate speed profile and idle time.
  • If GPS data is invalid the road speed curve logging is performed using engine based road speed.
  • Latitude and Longitude are used to validate GPS based road speed.
  • If movement is detected by the accelerometer while ignition is off, the GPS will be turned on. If the latitude or longitude changes by a sufficient amount (approximately 100m) the trip will be tracked and the modem will connect (if a live unit) and remain connected until the device stops moving.

For additional information, you may refer to our following blog posts, The Need for Speed and How the Curve Algorithm for GPS Logging Works, for further information about GPS-calculated speed and the Curve Algorithm.