Does Personal Conveyance and OFF duty count against my 14 hour workday window?

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  • Does Personal Conveyance count against my workday?

Applies To

  • Geotab Drive App
  • Exemptions
  • Personal Conveyance (PC)


Personal conveyance (PC) is an off-duty driving status, and counts the same as off duty for different availability limits. Specifically for the 14 hour workday limit when using federal US Rulesets, PC/OFF duty will count towards the limit counting down because it is a consecutive limit.

Additional Notes

Although PC/OFF duty will continue the count down of workday availability once the workday has begun, if the driver is in either of those statuses once reaching 0:00 availability remaining, there will not be a violation. 

PC/OFF duty will reset the workday limit if used for a long consecutive period (time varies based on rule-set chosen).