Does MyGeotab support continuous beeping during speeding events?

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  • Continuous beeping until exception event ends - is it supported? 

Applies To

  • MyGeotab 
  • Rules / Exceptions 
  • Driver Feedback 


This is not supported in rule-based driver feedback. As MyGeotab runs on server side, we cannot create unlimited beeping - in theory, it could keep beeping until it loses connection then take a break even when the vehicle is still breaking the rule. 

Additional Notes 

You may be able to use IOX-OUTPUTM with a relay kit to connect the GO device with a third-party buzzer. Then, you may setup a rule (e.g., speeding) in MyGeotab to trigger the buzzer. Note that this requires very good cellular connection for everything to work at the right time - otherwise, the buzzer may beep late and continue beeping after exception event ends. Substantial testing is recommended to confirm it works as desired.