How to add my driver's first and last name to the Driver Safety Scorecard Report?

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  • Is there a way of seeing my user's First and Last names in the Driver Safety Scorecard Report instead of their usernames? 

Applies To

  • Reports
  • Users
  • MyGeotab
  • Excel


  1. Download the excel file of the Driver Safety Scorecard Report from the Marketplace
  2. Unhide the Data tab by right clicking on the tabs that show the different pages > unhide data OK
  3. Go to the data tab and add two new columns by right clicking on a column > Insert Entire column > OK
  4. In the headers of the two new columns write "UserFirstName" and "UserLastName", this is case sensitive so ensure that all the upper case letters are included
  5. Go to the Report tab and add two new columns 
  6. In the headers of these columns, insert "First Name" and "Last Name" to help you distinguish them
  7. In the Data tab, find the cell reference for the cell in the first row of the UserFirstName column and UserLastName column (for example, F11)
  8. In the first row under the First Name column in the Report tab, write =Data!cell (where cell is the reference cell from the first row of the UserFirstName column in the Data tab) and press enter 
  9. Click the bottom right corner of the cell and drag to the bottom of the column so that all of the cells populate with the required information 
  10. Do the same steps for the Last Name column using the cell in the first row of the UserLastName column in the Data tab
  11. Hide the data tab by right clicking on it, and selecting hide 
  12. Save your changes in excel and import this new excel file as a custom report in the database 

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