What harness should I use for a 2019 Hyundai Tuscon?

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  • What type of harness should a 2019 Hyundai Tuscon use?

Applies To

  • Harness
  • VIN check
  • Install
  • GO Device


2019 Hyundai Tuscon has a regular 16-pin diagnostic port. The GO device can also be plugged in directly. 

Here are the applicable harnesses for the 2019 Hyundai Tuscon:

  • HRN-BS16S4 (1 Meter Extension)
  • HRN-BS16S5 (1.5 Meter Extension)
  • HRN-GS16K2 (Universal Harness Kit, T-harness)

Select whichever harness is best suited for your purposes.

Additional Notes

For more information on the Universal Harness Kit, click here