What are the Supported HID RFID Readers for IOX-HID?

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Applies To

  • HID RFID Reader


Geotab has tested RW400 Reader/Writer 6121 Wall Switch Smart Card Reader and RWK400 Reader/Writer Keypad Reader listed on our IOX-HID document. However, technically any HID reader that has support for RS232 protocol with four pins(P1-3 Black (GND), P1-4 Red (PWR), P2-6 Purple (Receive, RX), P2-7 Green (Transfer, TX) ) will work with IOX-HID. We recommend testing out the HID device before the actual installation.

Additional Notes

Please reach out to our Solutions Engineering team if you have further questions on this subject. You can reach out to our Solutions Engineering team via soleng@geotab.com