Missing Logging Data Message on Trips History


  • Missing Logging Data message on Trips History
  • Missing Trips data
  • Dotted line on Trips History

Applies To

  • Trips History
  • Missing Logging Data
  • Map


Missing Logging Data indicates the inconsistency in the GPS coordinates recorded by the device. If the system reads a GPS point different from the last GPS point without any engine speed or ignition, it marks as Missing logging data on Trips History map and shows a dotted line between two GPS points. 


Further investigation of the device needs to be performed to determine what caused Missing Logging Data as there are many reasons why the system would show this error. The possible causes are GPS drift, Weak GPS signal, Device Unplug, Faulty Installation, Faulty GPS module and so on.  If the issue persists after normal troubleshooting, contact support.