How to enable my drivers to run any reports?

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  • I want my drivers to be able to run any reports, how do I enable this?

Applies To

  • Security Clearance
  • Custom Clearance
  • Users/Drivers


1. Create a custom sub-clearance under the built in Drive App User clearance

2. Name the new sub-clearance

3. Enable the following features : 

  • Congregation Report
  • Customer Visits Report
  • Exceptions Report
  • Fuel Tax Report
  • Fuel Use Report
  • Install History Report
  • Log Details and Accident Report
  • Performance Report
  • Planned vs. Actual Route Report
  • Risk Management Report
  • Route Summary Report
  • Speed Profile Report
  • Time Card Report
  • Trips and Activity Report
  • Unmatched Route Report
  • View Custom Reports
  • View Engine Management Report
  • View Reminders

4. Save your changes on the top left hand corner 

5. Add the new security clearance to the desired users

Additional Notes

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