Text Message for Rule Notification Does Not Work


  • Send Text Message feature on Rule Notification option does not work. MyGeotab does not send any message to the Drive app when the rule is broken.
  • Empty messages for the exceptions can be seen when searching System Messages On option. They are from Message sent from device.

Applies To

  • MyGeotab
  • Text Messages
  • Rule Notifications
  • Exception Notifications
  • 1901


This feature has been disabled by the Geotab development team due to the concerns of spamming the message inbox.


Apply the custom code ENABLE_NOTIFICATION_TEXT_MESSAGES under the database settings to enable this feature.


This feature is currently not working as intended. Our development team is aware of this case and is working to resolve this issue. However, as this feature is a feature preview feature, it is not on the high priority task for the development team. Geotab suggests the workaround outlined above for the time being.

Additional Notes

For reference, the internal ticket # is 531275.

How to enable feature preview