What are the ESRI Map Integration Options within MyGeotab?

Applies To

  • MyGeotab SDK
  • .NET
  • Shape file
  • Custom map


There are three ways that MyGeotab allows you to use ESRI Shape Files:

1. Importing ESRI Shape Files as Zones

This tool will allow you to import your ESRI shape files and use them as geofences within the MyGeotab software.

The tool can is one of the .Net SDK Examples which is available HERE.

2. Adding ESRI Shape Files as a Map Type

This feature allows the addition of raw ESRI Shape files as a Map Type within MyGeotab.

You will have to have all the ESRI shape files along with a Maps.Geo file within a zip folder and it will have to be sent to Geotab’s support team via your reseller so that it can be placed on the MyGeotab servers.

MyGeotab will automatically extract the necessary shape files when required, based on the information in the Maps.geo file.

For more information please go to the following document: ESRI Custom Map Integration

3. Importing ESRI Shape Files into a third party map and link to it via MyGeotab's Custom Map options

This last option is a slightly more advanced option and it involves the use of third party mapping which means the instructions will vary.

However, the basic idea behind this option is to import the ESRI shape files on top of your already existing map layer (ArcGIS, MapBox, OSM, etc) once imported you can upload the custom map onto a map server (be it a private one or ArcGIS, MapBox, etc).

A proven and tested option is the Tile Mill  + MapBox third party option. Tile Mill is a software that will allow the user to merge multiple layers together into one custom map and style it with CSS-like coding.