"Password hash for user not found" Error due to Authentication Type changes in 1901


  • Error: "Report" pop-up button shows up when selecting a user
  • User Edit page for a specific user within MyGeotab is blank
  • Error: "Value cannot be null.\r\nParameter name: Password hash for user not found"
  • User can't be edited, removed, or selected in the UI (user interface)
  • Using the MyGeotab SDK, only Get calls successfully work while Set or Remove calls will fail

Applies To

  • MyGeotab
  • MyGeotab SDK
  • Users
  • User Authentication Type


There is an issue when changing the authentication type of a user from MyAdmin to Basic and vice versa. The user account becomes corrupted on the back-end after this change.


Contact Geotab Support to remove the user. After removal, the user will have to be added back into the database.

Additional Notes

For reference, the internal ticket # is 538413.

Please note that the Bulk Edit Tool has been updated so it no longer allows authentication type changes.

How To Add a User in MyGeotab