My Drive App is freezing, slow or not working right. how do I fix it?

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  • When I open the Geotab Drive App my Android phone, the screen gets stuck on the spinning wheel and I can't log in. 
  • The app is not responsive when I tap on buttons.
  • My drive App Screen Is Frozen It Will Not let Me Do Anything Why Is That?
  • My screen is turning black and wont let me switch screens.


  • When opening Geotab Drive App, the screen will not proceed to the login page.
  • Initial start up screen repeats on the spinning wheel. 

Applies To

  • Geotab Drive App
  • Login
  • Network connection
  • Cellular coverage


Poor network connection or outdated version of Geotab Drive App. 


  • Always attempt to click on 'Check for updates' by navigating to your Settings or the gears icon, as your first resource.
  • In some cases simply restarting the device or force closing and re-opening the App could solve Geotab Drive App issues. If restarting is unsuccessful, please proceed to uninstall / re-install Geotab Drive App. 

Additional Notes

We recommend that device software is updated as well when having significant Drive App issues.