10 hour reset was interrupted by mechanic moving the vehicle.


Drive logs were created in driver's name when mechanic moved the vehicle.  Driver's 10 hour reset was interrupted.  

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I (Admin) Moved the driver's vehicle during their 34 hour reset, how do I fix the logs?

Applies To

  • Mygeotab 
  • Geotab Drive App
  • HOS Logs
  • ELD Compliance 


Automatic Drive Log are created in a driver's name when they are still logged in and connected to the vehicle during their reset cycle. 


Driver must log out completely out of the app to prevent logs being created in their name.  Logs created for that vehicle will go to unidentified driver if the driver is properly logged out.  


Administrator must assign the Automatic Drive Logs created to unidentified driver since the they don't belong to the driver who last drove the vehicle. 

Additional Notes

To reassign logs created by mechanic, follow these instructions:

How do I reassign an automatic D or ON log to unidentified driver?