How to send a report only when the report is NOT empty

Applies To

  • MyGeotab
  • Custom Reports


  1. Navigate to Administration > Reports > Show all types of reports
  2. Click on the Excel icon on the right side of the report you wish to set this up for
  3. Open the excel template you just downloaded
  4. Click Enable Editing when given the prompt
  5. Navigate to the bottom left corner and right click on the summary tab
  6. Click Unhide > Data
  7. On the Data tab, look for SendReport in the upper left corner of the sheet
  8. For the cell next to send report (It should be TRUE), use the IF formula to make the cell content TRUE if a value in the first row, or False otherwise (example in additional notes)
  9. Save the report
  10. Upload report to the database

Additional Notes

For example, using the Advanced Details Exceptions report, the formula written in B7 would be:

=IF(K11 = "",FALSE,TRUE)

Where K11 is the cell containing the name of 1st rule to be broken.

For more information on the IF function, click here

Information on SendReport is also available in the Product Guide