Device is reporting less engine data due to installation issue

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  • My device is getting fewer engine data
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  • Device stopped reporting some or all engine data
  • Device shows faults indicating poor installation

Applies To

  • Engine & maintenance
  • Engine data loss


The device either lost communication with the vehicle ECU or entered Listen Only mode, likely due to an installation issue. A loose device or harness connection is the most common cause.


  1. Check Engine Faults to see if there are any faults that indicate faulty installation
  2. If so, perform a hard reset by power cycling the device. Ensure the device and harness are secured.
  3. Take the vehicle on a short trip to allow the device to detect engine data again.
  4. If the problem is not resolved, contact your designated support channel for further assistance.

Additional Notes

Devices on Base Plan do not report any engine data.