Incorrect unit of measurement used for Road Speed compared to OSM


  • Community road speed is in km/h however shows up as mph
  • Road is near USA/Mexico/Canadian border
  • No edits to the Road speed

Applies To

  • MyGeotab
  • Maps
  • Road Speed


The road in question is close to the border, and as a result, is unfortunately grouped into a map segment that covers a majority of the USA. As a result, when the information is downloaded from OSM, MyGeotab compares that specific point's unit of measurement (stated as km/h by OSM) to other points' unit of measurements in that region (which would be MPH since we're dealing with USA). If a majority of the points are in the USA, the system considers this point to be incorrectly listed as km/h, and so it is treated as mph.


The workaround is to manually update that road's speed in MyGeotab.


Unfortunately, this is by design. Please use the workaround to resolve the issues.

Additional Notes

Where does MyGeotab pull Community Road Speed data from OSM?