How Do I Run a DVIR Report by Inspection Type?

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  • How do I see only pre-trip or only post-trip DVIR inspection details?

Applies To

  • DVIR
  • Reports
  • Compliance


  1. Navigate to Engine & Maintenance > DVIR.
  2. Use the Options dropdown > select your date period, vehicles, and trailers.
  3. Apply Changes.
  4. Click View at the top > Advanced.
  5. Export to Excel with the green Excel button at the top.
  6. Open the downloaded report, and use the PivotTable ToolsAnalyze to open Field List and Field Headers.
  7. Make sure Log Type is enabled in the field list, then use the dropdown arrow in the Log Type column to filter by pre-trip or post-trip by checking/un-checking those options.

Additional Notes

You can save and name this excel report document and re-upload this modified report to your database (See: How do I add a report to MyGeotab?).