What does "Additionally allow reporting by these groups" do?

Applies To

  • MyGeotab
  • Users
  • Reports


This feature allows users who do not have data access to Entire Organization (Everything) on their profile, to still run reports and group filters for groups outside their regular scope.

Additional Notes

See example below

Group Hierarchy:

User 1 settings:

User 1 therefore has ability to filter and separate the devices into Light Vehicle or Heavy Vehicles  for all devices in Group 1 despite not having "data access" to ether groups (Light or Heavy vehicle). 

If there was a 5th device (Device E) under Heavy or Light Vehicle and NOT in Group 1:

  • User 1 will NOT be able to see Device E when running by ANY groups because it is outside of their data scope. 

If there was a 5th device (Device E) under Group 1, but not Heavy/Light Vehicle:

  • User 1 can see Device E because it is within their Data scope, however it will not show up in the report, or view if the user uses the filter Heavy or Light Vehicle