How to Check if WEX Has Been Setup

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Applies To

  • WEX (Wright Express)
  • Setup
  • MyGeotab


  1. Go to Engine & Maintenance
  2. Check if Fuel Transaction Provider Add-in is there
    1. If not, integration has not been completed
    2. If yes, confirm WEX account number (13 digits) has been added. Double click on the number to make sure that there are no blank spaces. The number has to start with the number 0
    3. Check if there is a last import date. If last import date says "Never", it is possible it's still being integrated per ~4 week SLA. ["Fuel Mismatch" report should show on the dashboard per integration]

Additional Notes

If they are ENFM01 or STRA01, you can instruct the customer to email the to check on the status of their integration.