Invalid Field Length. The field Carrier Name has a length of 3 characters. Carrier Name Fields should have a length between 4 and 20 Characters [Warning]


  • Transferring log gives the above message
  • Database name is 3 characters or less

Applies To

  • MyGeotab
  • Geotab Drive
  • HOS (Hours of Service)
  • Log Transfer


The user's Authority name under HOURS OF SERVICE SETTINGS on the database, has an entry that is 3 characters long.

This is a warning statement, the actual transfer did not fail because of this. 


Go to the user's settings on MyGeotab and change the Authority Name to the full name of the organization (if applicable).

Additional Notes

This typically occurs when databases use acronyms and have 3 characters or less on their database name. When new drivers are created, the user's Authority Name is automatically inherited from the original company name used during registration.