What is the sign-in process for SAML users?

Applies To

  • MyGeotab 
  • SAML 
  • Third-party Single Sign On (SSO) portal 


There are two methods for SAML users to authenticate into their database: 

1. Via database url 
1) A user opens our application and sees the login dialog 
2) The user type his/her email 
3) Our app define that the user uses SAML-account 
4) Open a new window with customer's auth system 
5) The user auth in the customer's system 
6) The system gets a session for our application and redirect the window to SSO 
7) The SSO checks credentials and notify parent window 
8) Parent window is closing the small window with SSO and then log the user into our app

2. Via SSO portal 
1) A user enters credentials to access portal
2) A user navigates to Geotab through the portal
3) The authentication is done automatically