How to create a report that shows a count of vehicles driven per day for more than 1 mile

Applies To

  • MyGeotab
  • Reports


This custom report can be created from the Risk Management Report:

  1. Navigate to Activity
  2. Click Risk Management
  3. Click Options
  4. Select the desired Date Period
  5. Select On under SUB-PERIODS
  6. Select Daily
  7. Select View by Vehicle
  8. Select No under the Include Historical data option
  9. Select Yes under the Hide zero distance rows
  10. On Run by, select Individual vehicles or drivers
  11. Click Apply Changes
  12. Download the Excel file

On the downloaded report, you can add a new column with the formula =IF($B$6="km",V10>1.6,V10>1) which will mark True if the Total Distance driven by a vehicle in 1 day is greater than 1 mile. Then, refresh and rearrange the pivot table with a filter considering the new column (Distance > 1 mile) and select True. 

Additional Notes

The Pivot Table fields you will need are shown in the screenshot below: 

The Date Period in the report will be shown like this (example for May 2018), with the count of vehicles per day to the right.