Can I edit the Fleet Savings Summary report to use it in regions other than US and Canada?

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This report is currently only made for the US and Canada because all the research and calculations are based on North American data. A language translation will not be sufficient to make it usable for other regions, as it will not be really representative of any region outside of North America. Since there are proprietary calculations in the report, we don't give the password out so no one can see the formulas and values used. Other countries are also interested in a localized version of this, and Geotab is working on making this report available for other regions, but there's no ETA yet for when this will be finalized. 

If you need a version of this report for your country, please contact Geotab Support so we're aware of the business case for each region. 

Additional Notes

To view this report in the Marketplace, go to this link: 

For more information on COI and fleet-wide savings opportunities, see the Fleet Savings Summary Report White Paper.