Inconsistent IFTA reporting for devices without engine data


For IFTA reports that were run at different times: 

  • Enter and exit odometers are different
  • Distances traveled are the same 

Applies To

  • MyGeotab 
  • IFTA (new processing service) 
  • Report 
  • GO devices on base plan / without engine data 


  • Devices without engine data (i.e., raw odometer records) don't log odometer offsets but only odometer adjustments when odometers are edited on vehicle edit page 
  • Old IFTA processing service takes odometer adjustments into consideration, while new processing service doesn't 
  • After switching to new IFTA processing service, enter / exit odometers are calculated based on GPS odometer starting from zero 


  1. Open Bulk Edit Tool
  2. Log in using Administrator credentials
  3. Select Device > Odometer Offset (KM) 
  4. Calculate odometer offset using latest exit odometer in IFTA report and dashboard odometer in vehicle 
  5. Enter device serial number(s) and odometer offset in kilometers 
  6. Click Analyze to check for errors
  7. Click Submit

Additional Notes

For example, if latest exit odometer in IFTA report is 3000 km, and dashboard odometer is 5000 km, the odometer offset is 2000 km.