Why Wex Mismatch report is providing False location

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  • Why the Location Match in the WEX Mismatch Report Displays False

Applies To

  • MyGeotab
  • Fuel


The location match is determined by checking the fuel transaction location in relation to the trip stop location. We create a "circle" polygon (really octagon) around the fuel transaction then get all trip stops which are in that buffered location. Then we rank by time and location.

There seems to be a couple reasons why the Location Match in the WEX Mismatch Report Displays False.

1) For WEX transactions they provide a latitude, longitude coordinate of the fuel transaction. If the latitude, longitude location was incorrect for the fuel station.

2) The trip was matched to stop at the depot, this could be because the driver did not turn the ignition off when filling up. This is a known issue, we expect ignition off at fill-up.