How to download Drive App on to a Garmin DEZL 580

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  • I can not see the play store to download the Drive App onto my Garmin. How do I access Geotab Drive?

Applies To

  • Play Store
  • Garmin DEZL 580
  • Drive App


In order for the application to be downloaded on to a Garmin that does not come equipped with a play store, is to fill out the APK/URL form

Once the form has been filled out, you will see a link on the submission  confirmation page that says "Thank you for filling out the form. You can find the link to download the APK below!" 

Once that has been completed, you need to download the version of the Drive App file you need (read the doc named "read me" in the Google Drive folder for guidance on which one you should install) and load it to your Garmin by connecting it via USB.