What is the exact distance that a vehicle needs to be from a fuel transaction to throw a location mismatch?

Related Questions

  • What is the minimum distance in between a vehicle's location and the location of the fuel transaction for it to be considered different locations? 

Applies To

  • Fuel Tracking
  • Fuel transactions
  • Location mismatch
  • Add-in


Location Match - this column is deemed as true if the location as per the fuel card transaction was within 1000 metres (1km/~0.62 miles) from the GO device location (vehicle location) at the time of the fill up.  With this said, if a vehicle is at 1km or more away from the location of the fuel transaction, it will be flagged as a "false" location match. 

Additional Notes

This is applicable to all fuel transaction providers such as WEX, Fuel Tracker add-in (Geotab Drive), Fuel Transaction import add-in (MyGeotab) etc.