When I preview a report in the database, I get the error #NAME? on multiple pivot table fields


  • The Pivot Table does not show values in the "Preview" of the report
  • The Pivot Table of my report does not show values in the Dashboard Preview

Applies To

  • Reports
  • Excel Settings
  • Formulas
  • Custom Reports


If you are using any formulas that have been introduced to Excel after 2013, our database does not recognize them because our Excel servers are running on the 2013 version of Excel. 


Our Excel servers will remain on the 2013 version of Excel until further notice. As a result, the error #NAME? will remain on the preview of the report. 

Additional Notes

When you download the report, make sure to click "Enable Editing" to enable the formulas. If the report is still showing #NAME? after Enabling Editing, please click here

For a list of formulas introduced in 2016, please click here