How to use the deferral of OFF duty hours on the Geotab Drive app in the Canada ruleset

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  • Does the Geotab Drive app support deferral of off duty hours for the Canada ruleset?

Applies To

  • Drive app
  • HOS
  • Canadian rule set


  1. Navigate to the Geotab Drive menu at the top left-hand corner
  2. Select HOS
  3. Select View Exemptions
  4. Select Apply Today for Off-duty deferral 

Additional Notes

  • Allows the driver to defer up to 2 hours of OFF Duty time from the required Workday/First Day (only considers logs of 30+ minutes of non-consecutive OFF Duty time) to the following Workday/Second Day.
  • Following this exemption the two windows/workdays together must comply to:
    • 20+ hours of OFF Duty across the two days
    • Maximum of 26 hours of driving across the two days