How does Geotab secure its data?

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  • Data
  • Security


Geotab's data is encrypted using SSL encryption similar to any major financial institutions. The customer defines who has access to their database and what they have access to within it. Geotab employees can have access to databases for troubleshooting purposes only, and this is largely on the approval of the customer. To ensure complete transparency and accountability, all access into a customer database is audited and stored indefinitely within the database audit log for the customer to see.

Additional notes

Please review our security policy guide for more detailed information. In addition, you can read our blog for some information about Geotab data center security.

Further security reading on the Geotab Blog: “15 Security Recommendations for Building a Telematics Platform Resilient to Cyber Threats” and “Securing the Future of Connected Mobility: Six Essential Best Practices for Data-Enabled Fleet Management, Leasing and Rental Operations”.