How do I set up the tablet or smartphone I am using for Geotab Drive?

Applies To

  • Geotab Drive


The mobile device must have a cellular data connection to a wireless network in order to upload and download Geotab Drive data.

Android Devices Using Geotab Drive:

  1. Ensure that your Android device is set to High Accuracy GPS. Generally, this option can be found in Settings > Location.
  2. Enable location services and set the Mode to High accuracy.

iOS Devices Using Geotab Drive:

  1. Ensure that the GPS is turned on — this option can be found under Settings > Privacy > Location Services.
  2. On the same page, scroll down to Geotab Drive and select Always.

If the tablet or phone has been correctly set up for Geotab Drive, the duty status will automatically switch to “Drive” when the vehicle starts moving. If the vehicle is not in motion for 5 minutes, the Drive app will prompt the driver to change their status to “On” (on-duty not driving).