What is Geotab’s device warranty?

Applies To

  • GO device


Warranties are subject to certain terms and conditions. Refer to the Geotab End User Agreement or contact your Geotab Account Manager for more information.

GO Devices

GO devices that are not on the ProPlus plan have a standard warranty period of 12 months from the date of activation. GO devices on the ProPlus plan at the time of failure are covered under the Limited Lifetime Device Warranty.

Limited Lifetime Device Warranty 

In the event of a failure on a GO6 or a newer device, or if the network on which the device operates no longer provides adequate coverage (as determined by Geotab), Geotab will provide a replacement device (or at Geotab’s discretion, a credit) if:

  • The device is on ProPlus at the time of failure; and 
  • The device shows no signs of physical damage caused by outside forces (e.g. opening the device or water damage).

IOXs and Harnesses 

The warranty period for IOXs and harnesses is twelve months from the date of purchase. Geotab reserves the right to determine eligibility.

Voiding Warranty Using Non-Geotab Harnesses

Use of non-Geotab hardware obtained from an unauthorized channel with Geotab products is not supported because Geotab cannot validate the specifications or quality of these products. Improper installation or products that fail to meet Geotab’s specifications can cause serious safety issues, such as short circuits that create risks of a fire, potentially leading to personal injury or vehicle damage.

Non-Geotab hardware may only be used with a Geotab product if it is obtained directly from Geotab or through the Geotab Marketplace (each an “Authorized Channel”). Using non-Geotab hardware obtained outside of an Authorized Channel is contrary to Geotab’s expectations of its Resellers and will void the product warranty.