Do different parameters have different dynamic sampling rates or priority? It appears some channels like vehicle speed or engine speed are recorded more often than oil pressure.

Applies To

  • Engine data


Geotab optimizes the data transmitted by applying a “curve” algorithm on it — keeping our costs down and value high. “Curving” the data means that only relevant information is transmitted. Learn more about Geotab’s logging curve algorithm on the Geotab blog. Bandwidth is not wasted on relaying unchanged or trivial data, thereby minimizing bandwidth costs. For example, if the RPM is consistent as you are driving down the road, there is no benefit in logging the same RPM value over and over. However, if the driver does a bad shift and exceedingly revs the engine, we will capture that event and send it over to the user. Finally, we have some parameters that are logged only during an ignition OFF event. Very little, if anything, is transmitted on a timed basis.

Additional notes

For a list of parameters logged using the curve method, please refer to the Firmware release notes.