How to divide 2 sums in a pivot table


I have modified the Business vs Personal report to get the sums per device (Employee) but I'm running into 2 problems.


1. Total Driving duration Total is wrong. I have formatted all of fields correctly but it seems that the Data is stored as a time not duration (see below). Cell E10 states 10 minutes but the field says 12:10:00 AM so when I ask for a summary of Employee1 for example, the total is wrong.

2. When I add the field Business% (which is just Total Business Distance / Total Distance per Period - See screenshot below) and I import the report, Geotab can no longer create the report. I just get an X top right on the screen. 

Any ideas on how to fix both issues? Thanks for the help during the busy season of the holidays

Eric Giroux

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Hello Eric,

The correct formula to use in the Calculated field is: =('**Business Distance'/'**Total Distance')*100. Once the formula is corrected you will be able to upload the template without any errors. 

Aarthi Ravikumar

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I have solved the first issue during the weekend but I still can't do a percentage of 2 columns. Any idea?

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