Sending reports to one individual


I'm looking to send a custom daily report to only one individual, however when I try to select the group or redirect to that person it sends it to the entire group rather than that one person. It also seems that if I redirect I am only able to send it to myself. How can I set up a custom report to only send to one individual within the group?


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Hi Ian,

Thank you for contacting Geotab. When you select a group in the recipient list, everyone belonging to that group will receive the email. If you want to have the report sent to one person, you could create a group for the individual and enter that group in the recipient list.
Another method of sending the report to 1 individual that bypasses the group selection for the recipient list, is to have the user log into the database and toggle "Email the report to me" to Yes. 
Please reference the Geotab YouTube channel for more instructional videos on reporting. Should you have any further questions, feel free to reach out to our Technical Support team. 



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