Upload / Download Speeds to diagnose a customers "Laggy" or "Freezing" mygeotab database problems


We get from time to time customers who are sure that the slow loading, possible freezing or getting "Booted off" as they've described it of their mygeotab database is surely a poor product on our side and has nothing to do with their internet connection or CPU speeds of their office hardware.

In the experience of the members of the tech team is there a process to investigate if these laggy or freezing symptoms can be diagnosed by running an internet Speed Test and or is CPU strength/size applicable?

This customer is located on the far edges of the City of Ottawa 

Customer internet speed test I performed recently came with results of :

PING = 8 ms  DOWNLOAD =25  UPLOAD = 7.65 

Same test run at my office in urban Ottawa PING = 16 ms  DOWNLOAD =55.16  UPLOAD = 7.85 

Russ Salo

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Hi Russ, 

I will reach out to you through a helpdesk ticket so we can work through this issue. 

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