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I am creating a custom report based of the report template in the Vehicle screen.  For whatever reason, whenever I create a column to report a date, that column will hide itself when I generate the report in Geotab. Specifically, the date data is converted to text using the formula =TEXT(Data!$B$2,"MM/DD/YYYY").  This column will always report the same date in every row since it is pulling it from the Data tab cell where the RunDate is stored.

I have saved the template with all columns visible, yet it will come out of Geotab hidden.  If I move the formula to another column, then that column becomes hidden.  If I repeat the formula in 3 columns, all 3 will become hidden.  Is there some sort of setting built into the Vehicle template that is hiding columns if certain data is displayed (or is it if all the data is the same for the whole column?) and if so, how do I disable this?  The report needs to be in a specific format and the repetitive data is part of this format.

Justin Streich

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Hi Justin,

Thank you for contacting Geotab Technical Support. This is a regression in the software that our development team is working to resolve. If you require further information, I suggest creating a support ticket with our Technical Support team. Have a wonderful rest of your day. 

Best regards,
Marsilino Bilatos

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