Input Formula doesn't match the after run report Formula


I submit a report with this formula in the Data Tab for the condition when the report is to be sent "=IF(COUNTIF(A1:A200,"C33AL")>0,TRUE,FALSE)".  I want to look in Column A beginning in Cell A1 through A200 for our Vehicle ID C33AL and if C33AL is found in this range I want the Report to be Sent else I do not want it to be Sent.  When I upload the report and run it (preview the report) then download that report it shows my formula in the Data Tab to be "=IF(COUNTIF(A1:A199,"C32AL")>0,TRUE,FALSE)".  Note that the range is now A1:A199 (not A1:A200) and the Vehicle I am looking for is C32AL (not C33AL).  So you see my problem as this vehicle will never get a report because the Send Report will always be False.  If I fool the program by sending my template report using A1:A201 and C34AL then it shows correctly after I run the report and download it.  If I run this report multiple times it never decrements the Formula again, only the first time.  Is there something about the IF in conjunction with the CountIF statements that decrements the values?


Roger Parks

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