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Hi everyone.

I have few questions regarding thye platform.I would like to know If I can get information whether a driver violated a one-way streets (oneway street violations).Is that possible via thye platform?

Also when we create a route and we press optimize it optimize it based on distance Or based on routing (example:a client is close to my area regarding distance but to go I need to drive a long way because it's from the opposite side of the bridge).The same question concerns the choice nearest (left click on map point)

Αlso i would like to know the difference between select visible and select filter when we want to massive edit users or vehicles etc.


Thank you once again

Elpiniki Marouli

Euromat Ελλάς Α.Ε

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Hello Elpiniki,

We unfortunately do not have a way of determining innately if a driver violated one way street rules. You would be able to create zones on the most used one way streets to know when a vehicle enters one of these streets to be able to monitor their activity when they have travelled on one (such as if they drove the wrong way, etc.)

When you select Optimise, this will rearrange the way-points selected to put them in order from least distance to farthest distance and optimise the route to navigate to each based on distance.

When you select nearest on the map this will show you the closest vehicle to your current view on the map, if you are looking at a point near a few vehicles this will give you the approximate distance from your view to the vehicles around it and move to the closest.

the difference between select visible and select filter is that select visible will select all users/vehicles displayed on the screen (500 display limit), while select all in filter will select all the users/vehicles in the filtered selection or all vehicles regardless if they are past the 500 page limit.

Let me know if you have additional questions about this.

Marc Mancini

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