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Hi Team,

We are trying to get the engine data using StatusData API and not able to understand the records it is returning. Is there a comprehensive table that explains about each object ? For example below are the few records we are not able to understand.

DiagnosticStandardHarnessDetectedId, DiagnosticOBDCAN11Bit500KEngineProtocolDetectedId, DiagnosticVehicleActiveId, DiagnosticCrankingVoltageId, DiagnosticDevicePowerChangeId, DiagnosticAux1Id and many more....

It would be of great help if you can provide some documentation which explains about above keys.


Pradeep VR

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You should first run a Get<Diagnostic> call to build a local cache of all the diagnostics.

Then, when you get StatusData you can lookup the Diagnostic.Id in your local cache.

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