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Hi All, Where can I find the Valor Temperature Report ?

Do you have the sample of setting of the alert in the rule if the temperature is over the Max or Min limit ?


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Thanks for reaching out. The Valor TempTrac is an add-in to MyGeotab that can provide temperature reports. If you have already connected Valor to the GO device via IOX-CAN you should be able to view the data in Engine Measurements in MyGeotab, under the diagnostic "Peripheral Device: reefer temperature zone 1", "Peripheral Device: reefer temperature zone 2", "Peripheral Device: reefer temperature zone 3", and/or "Peripheral Device: reefer temperature zone 4", depending on how many sensors you have installed. 

Once you've selected these values, you can select View > Report to provide a report for these temperature readings over the specified time frame. You can save a copy of this report by selecting the PDF or the Excel button as can be seen in the screenshot below. 

Please note that this can also be done using custom reports, but requires a more advanced understand of Geotab reporting. You can find more information about how custom reports work at the following link here. 

As per a sample rule for setting a specific Max/Min limit, you will need to create a custom rule based on these values under Rules > Add > Conditions > Add Engine > Measurement or data > select the appropriate peripheral devices > select max/min value > Click add. In the example below, I've added a rule for if the "Peripheral device: reefer temperature zone 1" goes over 10 degrees Celsius.

Once you've clicked "Add", you have created the appropriate conditions for your rule regarding Valor Max/Min temperature, such as can be seen below

For more information about the Valor TempTrac product, you can click the link here

For more information about how to create rules, you can click the link here

Please let me know if this answers your questions, and feel free to reach out if you have additional questions regarding this!

Best regards,

Emilie Corcoran

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Hi Emilie, Thank you very much for your advice.
Your answer makes me understand more.

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