Valor Temptrac


Hi, All

I installed the Valor Temptrac with Hino truck Model Victor 500 on the OBDII port.
If the ignition off, the temperature will go up to 205 C.
What could be a cause of the issue ?
How to solve this issue ?


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We appreciate your contribution to the Geotab community. Our developers are aware of the issue and have been actively working to correct it.

Valor has communicated to our developers that this value of 205 is part of the value sample report that happens in the background that should not be visible to the client. This value of 205 C should be filtered out by Geotab.

QA for this fix is complete and a new FW version with this fix (*.18.17 / *.19.17) will be available shortly.

Please feel free to correspond with us here if you require any further information.



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