Receiving error while trying to data sync for reporting


While trying sync data using Geotab API team is facing issues as listed below would like your inputs for us to move forward and complete reports


  1. DVIR Logs object - - Team is not able to fetch data of following column Columns: Device State, Odometer, Address, License Plate.
  2. HOS Availability Logs object – team is not able to get HOS status.
  3. HOS Logs : Team is not able to fetch data from following column Odometer, Distance, Trailer.
  4. what is the function of Includes system logs and Include intermediate logs filters in HOS Logs
  5. Data sync Issue
    1. Defects object – Team is encountering following error “ Unable to cast object of type 'Geotab.Checkmate.Database.GroupBridge' to type 'Geotab.Checkmate.Database.CheckmateBridge`1[Geotab.Checkmate.ObjectModel.Defect]'.'”
    2. Data Diagnostics object
  6. Data Missing
    1. Status data object—when team is creating a fuel usage report the data sync is not able to provide data of entire duration

For ex if we fetch data from 10/1/2017 to 10/10/2017 there is missing data from 10/8 to 10/9

  1. Not Available in SDK

Following object are not available in SDK

    1. IFTA Report
    2. Reminder Rule Default Report
    3. Reminder Rule Advance Report
    4. Reminder Due Default Report
    5. Reminder Due Advance Report
    6. Maintenance History Default Report
    7. Maintenance History Advance Report

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