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A couple of my truckers have been logging into the Geotab Drive app and they have noticed the vehicles not showing up when needing to pick a truck.  What could be causing this?  More time for boot up needed?

I have had our mechanic already check the connections for the geotab unit and harness, as well as a green light on the unit.  One of my drivers couldn't find his vehicle and backed out of the software and went back in and was able to find that particular truck.  We are using hardwired tablets, on a data network carrier, within each truck.

Kevin Autry

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Hi Kevin

Listening to your situation there are two particular things that can be happening:

1) the tablet you are using does not have GPS with high accuracy enabled which would not allow the app to find your location and determine which vehicles are close to you

2) Device not communicating at the time or last known position not being close enough to your driver

The app should show the last used vehicle as long as it is within a mile from your tablet/phone's location, driver should hit the vehicle search bar and enter the vehicle name, this will bring up the vehicle entered

If still the vehicle does not show we should look into this as a support case, at this point please do open a request with your reseller providing details



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