Installation G07 in machinery using 3-wire harness


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It is possible to install the G07 to a machine by means of a harnes HRN-CW03S3 ?. In most of the cases these machines have the conventional batteries of the vehicles but they do not have start-up connection. The machinery I am referring to may be; Diesel engines, elevators, auxiliary luminaires with industrial purposes which do not have an OBDII port

Isaac Abreu

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Hi Isaac

You can install a GO7 device with a three wire harness (HRN-CW3S3) to any equipment operation on 12v or 24v

Please see post below with an install guide for this harness: https://helpdesk.geotab.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/214464843-Go7-3wire-install-ignition-pin

Please take into account with a three wire harness there will be no engine data, this can only be acquired through a data connection to the equipment's ECM such as OBDII connection

As well is worth noting our device can detect ignition via several ways when connected with a three wire harness:

1) ignition through the yellow wire (when it detects voltage in this wire)

2) movement, when the vehicle moves > 20km/h (13mph)

3) when has moved 100 meters (110 yards)

4) cranking voltage variation (it detects voltage drops within the power supply)

When installing in a vehicle with no Ignition wire then the yellow wire should NOT be connected to anything


Please let us know if you have any further questions



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